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The Mirror, as the primary vehicle of communication for the International Dzogchen Community, is looking to every part of our vast international Community and beyond for articles, events, activities, photos and personal experiences that are of interest to Dzogchen Community activities and events taking place throughout the world. We welcome all to submit articles about events at your Ling or Gar, programs you attended, personal landmarks (births, graduations, weddings), accounts of recent travels, opinion pieces, and anything else you feel would be newsworthy and of interest to the Dzogchen Community.



The submitter should guarantee that material submitted does not infringe on any copyright. The Mirror reserves the right to edit the material according our editorial policy and that no claim will be made for any changes made to the submitted materials. The submitter must allow the use of such material on The Mirror website and other possible publications.


If you would like to submit an article:

Articles should be maximum 2000 words in length.

All articles should be submitted in the English language.

Photos should be smaller than 1500 x 1500 pixels

If you require the submission of more than 2 photos, please contact us at the email addresses below.

Photos should be captioned and individuals identified when possible. Also photo credits appreciated.

Photos of courses and retreats should indicate the title of the course, the date, the instructor, the location, and photo credit if possible.

Please insert web links and email addresses as you wish.

Every submission will be reviewed by one of our editors. We copyedit for spelling, grammar and clarity of expression.

We may make changes to your article based on these guidelines and will notify you only if significant changes have been made.

We reserve the right not to publish your submission.


You can write to us at:
Liz Granger lizgranger.mirror@gmail.com or Naomi Zeitz mirror@tsegyalgar.org